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Request a Listing

You can use this form to request a listing for a website, a specific page, a store and even a YouTube video.

We welcome requests to be listed on our SKD websites, but your website/page/video must be relevant to our SKD website domain name.

For example, a visitor that clicks on a listing on will expect to see obvious content on your landing page that relates to beaded amulets. This is also how we will check relevance.

Please complete all details so we can properly evaluate the website/page for a listing.

Please provide the complete URL to the website/page/video you want listed. This should be a page where the relevance is obvious to a visitor. For example, if you want to be listed on, beaded amulets should be an obvious subject on the page directed to by the URL.

Please select all of the SKD websites you would like to be listed on. You can select multiple websites by holding down your keyboard CTRL button and clicking each in turn.

IMPORTANT: If you select multiple websites, they must be relevant to the URL you provided above. We will only list on relevant websites.